A video presentation we did on ZARA

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Twitter… everything you need to know is in this video

There are a total of 500,250,000 users signed up to twitter. The average number of tweets per day are 55 million. There are 100 million active user a month. These are the amazing facts of twitter. Are we addicted? It may seem so….

Is it worth it, yes. Twitter is everywhere, every television show you can see the # appropriately at bottom corner. Every football match, television show is almost nearly always linked with #. Anything that you possibly missed who needs a rerun when you can find out on twitter straight away. 


Twitter is amazing and its growing prepare to get enthralled by it….

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What have I learned from NTFM

I have learned amazing facts, some ridiculous ones, and how confusing having your own blog can be. I have seen weird and wacky attempts of people doing social media to improve aspects of their product. This sums up exactly though how powerful social media can be in the eyes of me and the power of technology and fun that can be used 

Heineken have created my personal favourite. The most imaginative, and as a man the one that would most trick me watch and enjoy. This is the power of technology to reach a global scale.

Thank you for reading all my posts and who knows maybe there will be more…..

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Are we surfing in a filter bubble?

A “filter bubble“, what is this, you may be asking yourself? This video may help to explain. If you don’t have nine minutes of your time to watch Eli explain then I will try to some it up for you in one sentence. When you search the net, Google and Facebook throw up things which they feel are relevant to you by previous search results. We maytypein the same words yet get two completely different results.

Do we care? The internet is a vast endless supply of information, and I think it is almost  certainly fair to suggest that most of it is junk. Personally, I don’t mind at all. When I indulge in the internet, you can almost be certainly certain it is for one soul reason alone and no other procastinating . 




And when, I procrastinate I don’t like to waste my time with things that are not relevant to me. So if the filter bubble exists I am happy its there. I hope when I am looking up things to buy that it will go from my previous searches and show me the most relevant things for me.

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facebook taking over our lives

Currently writing this whilst my facebook page is open. I think it maybe taking over my life. An online shrine to all people on what they no best, themselves.

These, are some staggering facts and figures about facebook. They are staggering, people log into their facebook everyday. The first thing most people do is log onto facebook in the morning. Its on mobile, its in your pocket and I think it may be safe to say that it is more likely that someone is going to talk to you on facebook before they will on the street. How many people on facebook do you see weekly?? 

Reportedly there are 11 million businesses on facebook. It would seem to be crucial for a business to be on it. Seeing as everyone else is on it. However, is it really necessary? Everybody says yes. However, are facebooks days numbered? How many social networking sites have been there, MySpace, Bebo and now Twitter is the new big deal. If I could choose I’d get rid of Facebook entirely. Its end is near whether the realise or not, or at least I hope so….

Am I the only person who agrees with this ——-> 

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Apps are dead,, long live the mobile !!

I must have missed the funeral. This seems to be the classic case of the e-mail replacing the letter. “Oh, the letter will be gone now that e-mail is here”. It could not be any clearer. You can’t kill something as long as it still serves a purpose.

How many people use their apps daily? Have an app on their phone which they can,t seem to pull themselves away from. Out on a social night and turn your head and there is one of your friends stuck in Angry Birds, using Shazam to find the name of the song thats on, or worse still the Holy Grail of apps Facebook (the social network, for people who constantly need to judge how much fun they are having by viewing the number of comments or “likes” under their posts).

Mobile websites are much better, in my opinion you may not agree. I have a smartphone. I don’t have one app downloaded on it. Better call the mental asylum! I love the mobile websites. I am an advocate of it. I want to go on sites, I just cant commit to having them stored in my phone as I too will become an “Apphead”.

For marketers to decide which is better, well it depends on everything what you need.

For instance the app beats a mobile webpage when it comes to:

Regular usage and personalization. For instance, banking on the move (personally I am not currently in the financial situation to avail of this, its hard enough to look at my balance at the atm, not to say have it follow me around a fingertip away).

If you want to figure out complex things such as charts etc. apps are perfect they can allow more room for complexity than a mobile webpage.

Mobile webpages;

The spine of my phone. The necessary evil in my opinion. If, I am tasked with having to make the choice between an app and mobile webpages, it will be the latter I will choose. I don’t want the hinderence to even look for the app, I am going to Safari and google cant find it and if it doesn’t look good I am not coming back. Mobile webpages are cheaper, they are immediate, compatible among devices, they can be updated instantly, found instantly, reach further and they are cheaper and easier to make. 

I know which side I am choosing, I hope you no yours!!!


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First Blog

As an assignment in college I was asked to create a blog. In my opinion I always thought for want of a better word that it was actually only creeps whom blogged. Needless to say, I do not want to be one of them. A blog is pretty much a diary you read on the net. Of my thoughts and opinions however, my lecturer has stated for my very first blog that she wants my opinion on blogging and how I feel towards my first entry. If she probably new me better like as my friends do she may have realised that I don’t hesitate to hold back on my opinion.

So, my first blog; Before starting this I was apprehensive, unsure as what to write and it made me think back on all the firsts within my life. For instance first day at school, first time driving, first concert, and first time I ever went drinking. But there is only ONE first that makes me feel as insecure as this, I probably feel less naked doing this, definately more sober, and its already lasted longer. So blogging? I really don’t mind.

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